Pressure Pumping 5k-15K - Remedial & Abandonment Cementing & Fluid Pumping

Pressure Pumping 5k-15K

Elite Pressure Truck Services Include:
Pressure units from 5k to 15k
Pumping volumes from 1 liter/min to 1.4m3 per/min

Pressure Testing

Methanol Pumping

Wellhead Testing

Wellhead toe

Acid Pumping

BOP Testing

Pipeline Testing

Pigging & Batching Pipelines

Glycol Pumping

Hydro Testing

Fluid Transfers

Tank Stinging

Hydrate Handling

Other Pressure Related Work

Service Rig Work – Blow Drains, Pump/Tubing Flushes, Fluid Transfers, Well Loading, Packer Setting/Testing, etc

Chemical Well Batching

Annual Isolation Packer and Bridge Plug Testing

Disposal Well Injectivity Testing


Daily, Weekly, Monthly Oil Well Chemical Batching Programs