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Elite is acknowledged for our expertise and experienced, dedicated, and professional team of employees. They are second to none when it comes to efficiency and safety. At Elite we ensure our equipment is maintained and serviced which guarantees minimal downtime or delays.

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Pressure Pumping 5k-15k

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Elite Pumping Service Ltd. Ventures

Pat’s Off-Road Transport Ltd.

Pat’s Off-Road Transport Ltd. has a new division: Elite Pumping Service Ltd. is now available for well cementing, acid work, pressure testing, fluid pumping, back pressure and specialized downhole tools for fracking and perforating, plug and abandonment squeeze.
With base shops in Weyburn and Kindersley Saskatchewan, Medicine Hat, Red Deer and Grande Prairie to service the oil and gas industry In the three western provinces.

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Iron Horse Group Inc.

Iron Horse Group Inc. is proud to announce the formation of a new First Nations Joint Venture Partnership with Elite Pumping Service Ltd. Our strategic goal is to provide cementing, acidizing, stimulation, and pumping services all over Western Canada. Our focus will always remain on providing the highest quality of products and services that rely on our technical innovation. The health and safety of our employees & clients, with respect for the environment, are always our top priority.

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Elite Pumping Services maintains a large fleet of fluid pumping trucks, tank trucks, rentals, and forest firefighting equipment. We have a variety of pumping equipment, cementing equipment, portable silos, N2 trailer units and downhole packer type cementing and perforating tools available.